Nontando brings you the best of Shona Stone Carvings from Zimbabwe

Since its inception in 2003, Nontando has been offering a wide selection of Shona Stone Carvings from Zimbabwe to its customers. For the past 10 years, on their annual buying trips to Africa, Nontando has been hand selecting a wide array of stone carvings from individual artists. “ We have focused on selecting and acquiring a diverse selection of carvings” says Gary Stern, owner of Nontando. Stern continues, “The stone carvings are handmade by members of the Shona, Lemba and SAN tribes from Southern Africa and each stone caving typically reflect the artist’s vision of his/her culture and traditions”. Nontando has one of the largest collections you will find anywhere and their carvings are made from a number of types of stone, including Serpentine, Springstone, Soapstone and Verdite. Stern continues, “No two pieces are the same. Once this beautiful natural stone is sculpted and imbued with the values and feelings of the artisan, it is carefully polished to produce a piece of beauty for all art lovers to cherish. The excavation of the raw quarry stone, the carving work and polishing is all done manually”.

All of Nontando’s Shona Stone Carvings are directly sourced from Zimbabwe, a Southern African country whose name literally means “the house of stone,” and are known for its remarkable stone sculptors. Some Shona sculptors are considered to be among the top sculptors in the world.

From modern abstract art to traditional tribal carvings to stunning replicas of African wildlife, Shona sculptures and  Zimbabwe artists are garnering worldwide attention and respect. In fact, internationally acclaimed Shona stone sculptures adorn the homes, gardens and offices of both admirers and discerning art collectors alike. Magnificent Shona art statues are also revered in fine galleries and museums around the globe, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Musee Rodin in Paris.

“One thing we have noticed in dealing with Shona Art is the incredible diversity of the style and design of the carvings. The Shona sculptors’ work is inspired by their deeply-held spiritual beliefs, folklore and daily life”, Stern says.

Shona Art has also inspired many western artists. It is believed that Pablo Picasso may have been influenced by this art form. While modern in inspiration, their sculptures are created much as they were thousands of years ago. The sculptors use simple chisels to “release” the spirits of the stone. As the late Henry Munyaradzi, one of the most prominent sculptors explained, “The sculpture is already hidden in the stone-I just it let out.”

Stern says, “It is an extraordinary art form that is still very reasonable in price. We have managed to collect a few thousand pieces over the years and can now offer our customers a wonderful, wide array of choices for those seeking a small gift or a piece of home décor”. Stern continues, “To think you can visit our store and purchase an everlasting, completely unique and handmade carving as a wedding or anniversary gift representing lovers or a couple for as low as $20 is remarkable”.

Nontando has supported this art form for more than 12 years through its purchases of sculpture by Zimbabwean artists. “Buying our carvings directly from the artists allow us to offer them at reasonable prices, and enable the artists to continue their artistic endeavors. Due to the political climate in Zimbabwe, and subsequent severe downturn in foreign tourists, there are fewer available avenues for artists to find a market for their work”, Stern says.

Stern concludes,” These artists have a special gift and these Shona stone sculptures are an expression of the soul”.

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To view Nontando’s collection of Shona Stone Carvings from Zimbabwe please visit or our store at 6578 Gateway Avenue, Sarasota, FL, 34231


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