African Design and Style – Session One – Color

Considering this is my very first blog, I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce the subject matter.

Being in the industry of selecting, marketing and selling African decor over the past eight years as well travelling to the African continent annually I have placed much importance in attempting to assess our customers’ needs and cravings with regard to African design and style that they seek for their homefront versus the trends and direction of the production of African Decor at its source. Numerous factors come into play in both what our customers seek as well as the marketplace offerings in this vast continent. Customer, designers and decorators generally seeks a product that meets one of more of the following criteria:  contempary, modern, electic,


2 thoughts on “African Design and Style – Session One – Color

    • help me understand something. I have autosave working. I had written close to 400 words for this blog. Now this morning when I edit the blog I discover that only the first +- 120 words are appearing. What happened to the rest of the document? If you cannot save it yourself and depend on autosave and this is not working properly (which it seems to be the case here) whats the point?

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